Monday, April 27, 2009

Los Expatriados

This blog is formed by Puerto Ricans in different parts of the world. Our purpose here is to develop explanations about the Puerto Rican colonial reality that allow us to effectively tackle it.

The work we propose must confront the obstacle of our own implication in the colonial relation that we want to criticize. Our tools are not completely ours, andbelong to conditions that we barely control. In this sense, we are not expatriates because, just as most Puerto Ricans, we live abroad our national territory, but because ourcountry is not fully ours.

Since this problem affects all of us, our job requires us to be able to look beyond the particular problems of our immediate groups, to the source of the common problems. We must therefore transform the instruments at our disposal so that we can tackle that source and not the immediate problems for which they were originally developed. In this way we start developing the means and conditions necessary for truly building our own nation.

The patria we desire cannot be achieved without the peoples of other nations. The case of Puerto Rico, even though having the specificity of being a colony in the classical sense, is not the only one: in varying degrees, no people truly owns its nation. Just as we cannot limit ourselves to deal only with our puny groups within our country, we cannot use tools incapable of dealing with the root of the common problems of the peoples of the world.

We know that the work we do here is only part of all the work necessary for our goal, and that we are not alone in this project. That is why we want this space to be useful to everyone who wants to solve the colonial problem.

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